McMahons Point Main Bathroom

Project: Main Bathroom Makeover

Cost: King Bathroom

Brief: Create a modern bathroom with a black and timber theme carried throughout. The design was created by the client (a fantastic interior designer in her own right), and it was Integriti Bathrooms pleasure to bring it to life.


We recently showcased an incredible custom-made ensuite that we completed at McMahons Point, but what we didn’t share with you was the complete renovation of the main bathroom in the same home. The two bathrooms work in tandem to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the home while being quite different in style.


The task for Integriti Bathrooms was to create a modern bathroom with a black and timber theme, touching on the masculine themed bathrooms that we spoke about in our interview with The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog. The design for this bathroom was created by the client, and it was the responsibility and delight of Integriti Bathrooms to bring it to life.


The bathrooms in this set of units were very old and quite dilapidated. There were three other units in the block that were completing renovations at the same time, and so the owner of this home decided to take advantage of the tradesmen available and the window of opportunity and upgrade both the ensuite and main bathroom at the same time. Unfortunately, as is often the case in homes of this age, the bathroom itself had Asbestos in the walls and the ceiling that needed to be removed immediately for the safety of the family. It is important to note here that you should never try and remove anything that you suspect of containing asbestos, always call in the experts for inspection and removal for your own health.


To best realise the vision of the design, Integriti Bathrooms commissioned the production of a completely custom-made timber shaving cabinet and vanity, created by the team at Total Kitchens. This forms the design feature in the room and a fantastic focal point that really balances out the heavy black tile used throughout the bathroom.


Large format tiles were used throughout this bathroom to make a small space feel bigger and to give a more seamless and luxurious finish. Every detail of this bathroom is geared towards modern design and clean lines – from the choice of hyper-modern faucets and accessories to the placement of the bathroom window and its size relative to the mirrored vanity doors. The mix of these modern elements with the traditional look of timber and simple tile work makes for a very open and relaxing space while being strong and secure in its bold use of black throughout the design.


This bathroom will stand the test of time through the clever balance of modern elements, traditional textures and strong design.


Vanity – Total Kitchens

Shaving Cabinet – Total Kitchens

Mixers – Sussex 

Bath – Moda 

Toilet – Geberit