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If you follow interior design blogs at all, you will know that hexagons are absolutely everywhere. From hanging shadow boxes to tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, the six-sided shape can be found in just about every area of the home.
This trend has been born out of the Scandi trend that swept interiors about 3 years ago and has quickly become a classic. Not only do hexagonal tiles tessellate well (meaning that they line up and create an even pattern together), they offer more visual interest than a square tile and better practicality than a round tile.

So yeah we get it, they’re great. But how do you use this tile in a bathroom without letting it overwhelm your vision in a six-sided cacophony?

1. Shower Recess

Hit two design trends in one by using a hexagonal tile as a feature in your infinitely-practical shower recess. Shower recesses have also made a huge comeback in bathroom design, offering you practical space to store your necessities and a way to bring a beautiful design feature in your room. Bonus points if you use a contrasting colour or textured tile to accent your shower recess and add another layer to your bathroom design!

2. Vanity/Shelving

When we talk about hexagons we aren’t just talking about tiles. Hexagonal shapes can be a great way to bring that Scandi look into your bathroom design, without the more permanent effects of tile adhesive. A hexagonal shelf hung next to your mirror or over your basin can be a great way to add a little wooden warmth to your bathroom while creating a removable feature that may only last for a season.

3. Feature wall

Best situated in a shower area or behind a bath, a feature wall of hexagonal tiles, particularly in a contrasting colour, is a great way to add a pop of colour and a strong design element to your bathroom. Keep the size of the tiles small and make it a real feature, and make sure that it contrasts quite sharply with the tiles in the rest of your bathroom for maximum effect.

4. Mirror

A hexagonal mirror is a beautiful statement piece, designed to bring light into your bathroom in an affordable and on-trend way. A bathroom mirror is easy to replace if you decide next year that hexagons aren’t your thing, or if you are someone who likes to have their bathroom totally up to the minute on trend. Make sure that your hexagonal mirror really stands out in your bathroom as a feature and let it stand alone.

5. Bathroom Floor

Like we showed you in our latest case study, hexagons can be an amazing floor feature tile. Fantastic to add that strong design factor to your bathroom, make sure that they are applied by an absolute expert for the best result. Any lines that are slightly off will immediately show up in your bathroom, so make sure that your tiler is comfortable using these tiles in your bathroom before you begin.

No matter how you are planning on including hexagons into your bathroom renovation, remember the golden rule – use them as a feature and let the rest of the bathroom work around and compliment your feature. Incorporate a little or a lot, but keep your hexagons to one area of your bathroom design, and you will end up with a result that is chic and totally on trend every time.