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Bathroom design is one area of the home that tends to move a little more slowly than other areas of interior design. This is often because to redesign or recolour a bathroom, you are talking about a major renovation – who remembers the terrible pink bathtubs of the 60’s and 80’s? That was a design trend, and we hope we don’t see that one back again! Right now, what is hot in interior design is a more neutral (not boring) palette, and there really isn’t anything more neutral than a solid black and white.

A black and white bathroom can be a bold move or a very neutral move, depending on the fittings and finishes that you choose. Whether it is letting the fittings like taps and shower heads holding down the bulk of your black, or whether you choose to go bold with your floor tile, the way that you choose to incorporate black and white into the bathroom space is what will create a completely unique space. Black wall tiles with bright white grout and a white floor for a very dramatic look? Gorgeous. White tiles with black grout and matte black fixtures? Stunning! A black and white patterned floor tile with a black tub and silver chrome fittings? Bold!

Let the monochrome work for you, and let it be the design feature on its own. You don’t need to overdress a black and white bathroom, you don’t need to over think the small design elements. Just let it be. Bold. Simple. Strong.

Here are our top tips to make sure that your black and white bathroom looks chic rather than colourless:

1. Incorporate texture.
Whether it is through the use of a patterned tile, a textured tile or really bold accessories like chevron towels and bathmats, ensure that you have some kind of texture in your black and white bathroom to stop it from feeling too stark and harsh modern. This also allows you to hit the ‘Texture’ design trend that is really big right now.

2. Matte black accessories are hot hot hot.
They have been the biggest design element for the past few years and this trend isn’t going anywhere. Whether it is a matte black shower head like the one we installed in this Bondi bathroom renovation or these stunning taps, matte accessories have such a beautiful feel in your hands that they instantly add a touch of luxe to any room.

3. Add one more colour
We say this with a few reservations- we aren’t talking about adding in chartreuse or anything over the top! We mean incorporate some pale wood accessories, or chrome taps and drains to give another layer to and compliment your monochrome look. The majority of the bathroom is still monochrome and thats incredible, but the extra finish adds texture and a little pop of visual interest.

The gallery of images above shows you some of the great ways that Integriti Bathrooms have worked with a strong monochrome colour palette to create beautiful bold bathrooms that everyone can appreciate. Whether you are renovating your bathroom for profit or whether you are creating your dream bathroom just for yourself, a black and white bathroom is both totally on trend and infinitely timeless.

If you would love to get a black and white bathroom at your place, Integriti Bathrooms want to help you have the bathroom of your dreams! All you have to do is get in touch with us today and we can talk about how to make your ideas a reality.
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