Integriti Bathrooms

Beecroft Bathroom Renovations

Project Category: Premium Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Location: Beecroft NSW

Area: Bathroom

Initial client brief: Create an old English look and feel to the bathroom to suit the existing style of the home and the intended occupant of the bathroom.

What a beautiful makeover has been achieved in this Beecroft home! Integriti Bathrooms were approached by a family who had opened up their home to a relative who would be moving into one wing. The bathroom in this area of the house needed to be updated, as it was unusable at the time.

The original chipboard floor had to be completely replaced due to water damage that would compromise the integrity of any additional work done on the bathroom. This was replaced with FC sheeting and then treated with a polyurethane waterproofing membrane to ensure that water damage would not occur again.

The first design touch point is the beautifully tessellated tile pattern in a beautiful black and cream colour, creating a strong bold visual element that ties the room together. Laying these tiles is incredibly difficult as any variance in the size of the grout gaps or the angle of the tiles is immediately visible and ruins the entire floor. We are pretty proud of the perfect finish achieved, note the seamless floor waste inlay!

Using dark wood accents in the vanity and mirror create the desired old English look and feel, as do the curved traditional shapes of both of these objects. This is then combined with a frameless glass shower and subway tile pattern on the walls to add elements of modern design to ensure that the bathroom doesn’t look vintage.

The clients were incredibly happy with the bathroom finish, as was their guest! A beautiful bathroom that showcases Integriti Bathroom’s ability to create functional and beautiful spaces within any style.