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Bathroom design is one area of the home that tends to move a little more slowly than other areas of interior design. This is often because to redesign or recolour a bathroom, you are talking about a major renovation – who remembers the terrible pink bathtubs of the 60’s and 80’s? That was a design…

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If you follow interior design blogs at all, you will know that hexagons are absolutely everywhere. From hanging shadow boxes to tiles in kitchens and bathrooms, the six-sided shape can be found in just about every area of the home. This trend has been born out of the Scandi trend that swept interiors about 3…

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How to create a Luxury Modern Bathroom

Killara 4

In a bathroom renovation, establishing the style of bathroom that you want to create is usually step one. And more and more we are coming across clients who want to create a luxury modern bathroom, no matter the size of the space that they have at home. Creating a luxury bathroom doesn’t always have to…

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Andrew recently spoke to the team at The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog about some of the hottest trends in bathroom design, and the first thing that springs to mind for a really ‘hot right now’ look is super large format tiles. Not just your now-normal 600 x 600 tiles, but more of a sheet tile…

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How to make a Small Bathroom look Bigger

Often when we are working on Sydney bathroom renovations, we are faced with difficult challenges. Asbestos in the walls, a completely unlevel floor, difficulty in getting access to the bathroom itself – we have faced all of this before. But one of the biggest challenges in any Sydney bathroom renovation is dealing with a small…

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Bathroom layouts can be tricky. Often when working straight off a floor plan it appears that there is a lot more space than you will actually end up with, which becomes a real issue when you’re trying to see the potential in a new home you are looking to renovate or building a new home…

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Making a Statement in your Bathroom

Creating a drastic change or redesign doesn’t mean having to remove everything and to start from scratch. It’s about considering which bits and pieces you can transform to create the change you’re after. Sometimes, all you need is a single statement feature in your bathroom to completely transform its look and feel, whether it’s from…

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Do you need to use a Bathroom Company to Manage your Reno?

By Andrew Stenos and Aaron Thoo, Integriti Bathrooms The short answer is no. But if you’re going to attempt to project manage your bathroom reno and find and coordinate tradespeople yourself, make sure you know what you’re in for! Here, we share some reasons why a company like ours could save you time, money and…

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