Integriti Bathrooms

Chatswood Bathroom Renovations

Project: Chatswood Bathroom Renovation
Budget: King
Design Challenge: Create a modern bathroom in a small space in a unit.

A project bigger than Ben Hur, Integriti Bathrooms were invited to completely make over this Chatswood unit, transforming it from drab to fab!

This completely original unit had been held in the family since its construction in the 1970’s, making for some pretty …quirky… design features. The entire unit needed an upgrade to work with the lifestyle of the next generation, removing the outdated features and bringing in beautiful new modern conveniences.

In the scale of the unit, the bathroom itself was quite small – and with a small bathroom, you need big ideas to make the space work and feel much larger than it is. The request was for a beautiful modern space that felt luxurious and open, while working with the original floor plan.

The original 1970’s brown floor tile was the first thing to go, as was the tub which had seen better days. In a smaller bathroom, a shower will often suffice to give you additional floor space and allow a better flow with room to move.

Large format 800 x 800 tiles (one of our top design trends for 2017 and beyond!) were used to create the illusion of a much more open space. Long grout lines draw the eye both upwards and outwards, making you feel like the space is larger and more luxurious. By using a clean white tile with white grout and white walls, we also create the illusion of more space as the space seems brighter and bigger when every element merges together in one colour.

An in-built vanity is a great way to keep the lines clean and create a modern finish. An in-built shelf creates additional storage and becomes the design feature in the room, made of beautiful timber that adds a layer of warmth and texture in this otherwise monochrome bathroom.

A large walk in shower is both luxurious and practical, as it runs along one wall of the bathroom. Rather than trying to incorporate both a bathtub and a shower into this small space, we decided to focus on what would be better used by this family – and in this case, the walk in shower was a necessity, adding a very hotel bathroom feel to the space.

Highly modern finishes, from the toilet to the tapware, complete the look and leave you with absolutely no doubt that this is a modern space. The rest of the unit renovation was equally impressive, creating clean lines and beautiful, bright airy spaces for the family to live in. This gorgeous renovation not only brings a new lease of life into the unit, but it will stand the test of time, making for a beautiful place for a new family to grow into.

Tiles – Di Lorenzo

Mixers – Brodware

Toilet – Duravit

In-wall Cistern – Tece

Basin – Duravit