Integriti Bathrooms

Drummoyne Sydney Bathroom Renovation

Project: Drummoyne Bathroom Renovation
Budget: King
Design Challenge: create a modern bathroom with an emphasis on marble throughout.

Integriti Bathrooms were approached to complete this Sydney bathroom renovation at Drummoyne. The request was for a modern bathroom, with all the modern conveniences, that really emphasised and highlighted marble throughout.

The original bathroom had an incorrect fall in the floor – so the way that water flows through the room (usually to a drain). This meant that water would absolutely pour out of the shower and not be able to go anywhere – causing damage and safety issues. The original marble was discoloured, and the client was getting sick of the maintenance on this aged bathroom.

Integriti Bathrooms completely reworked this bathroom from the ground up – including raising the floor off the existing slab, which was poorly created, to ensure that there was the correct fall within the shower and bathroom. The incorrect fall throughout the bathroom was remedied to make sure that water drains away correctly throughout the room.

The original marble sheet was replaced with a stunning marble-look porcelain tile. This allows you to have the look of marble without the maintenance and creates a beautiful, luxury look throughout the bathroom. This marble was taken from the floor to the walls seamlessly, which makes for a room with impact and a strong luxury feeling.

Clean lines is the predominant theme in this bathroom, with the accessories chosen throughout being very modern with square shapes and strong geometry. This also helped to keep the bathroom looking clean and uncluttered against all the marble-look tiles.

A huge 2.7m long his-and-hers shower was created and framed in clear glass. Two large rain showerhead adds to this luxury shower that takes up one whole side of the bathroom. It makes for a strong statement piece in this bathroom.

We love working with clients who have a strong vision for how they want their home to look, from materials to design thinking and great must-haves in their Sydney bathroom renovations. If you’re bathroom needs the Integriti Bathroom touch to work in the home of your dreams, please get in touch today and we can help you achieve a beautiful bathroom.

Tiles – Di Lorenzo Tiles
Basin – Duravit
Mixers – Parisi
I- Wall Toilet Cistern – Tece