Integriti Bathrooms

Fairlight Bathroom Renovations

Project Category: King Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Location: Fairlight NSW

Area: Bathroom

Initial client brief: To create a custom brand new build bathroom that would service the children in the home as they aged, while fitting with the look of the rest of the house.

Integriti Bathrooms were thrilled to be invited to tackle this luxury bathroom with an extremely large footprint, plenty of room available for growing teens! We needed to ensure the bathroom would not date, or be too small for the children as they grow up – plenty of space in the bathroom means no fights over sharing!

There was some pre-existing termite damage on some walls, which had to be completely and professionally removed before the renovation could commence. The damaged timbers were replaced and the whole wall was strengthened, to ensure that the problem didn’t reoccur in the future. There was an existing spa bath in the room that then had to be expertly and cleanly removed to prevent any further damage to the room than was necessary.

The statement tile for the walls was chosen early on in the project and formed the basis for the entire colour scheme. The floor tile was chosen as a lighter shade of the same brown tone in the tile, while the vanity front is a darker brown in the same tonal family to ground the room.

The floating round egg tub will provide joy for children but also grow to be a place of solitude for later years.

The tiles for both the wall and the floor were set out to match with fixed points in the bathroom – the shower niche, the bath niche and the walkway between the two areas of bathroom. The tile setout was important, as we didn’t want to create small slithers of tile in any area of the bathroom. Particularly with a statement pattern this can draw to much attention away from the overall finish. A strong design eye and experienced contractors meant that this was possible, and a beautiful seamless finish was created.

The bathroom features a double feature wall in the bathroom, separated by a dividing wall between the bath and shower, providing a practical separation in the room. A small hexagonal mosaic tile was used in the bath and shower niche to ensure that there was an additional, coordinating design element in the room that wouldn’t compete with the statement wall tile.

The overall design of the bathroom is bold, yet understated due to the colour palette. The bathroom will stand the test of time in terms of foundations and design, and is a great example of what can be achieved with such a luxurious space.

Mixers – Sussex

Heated towel rail – Neo

Vanity – Cibo

Toilet – Villeroy & Boch