Integriti Bathrooms


Project Category: Affordable Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Location: Gordon NSW

Area: Powder Room

Initial client brief: Create a more modern-looking powder room in a small space, influenced heavily by current designer trends.

A small powder room was to be completely made over utilizing the best design trends of the moment, a challenging task in such a small space. Current trends are leaning towards oversized and luxe spaces, but nothing is impossible if you use the right design and materials.

In order to achieve the best result, Integriti Bathrooms utilized a Gerberit monolith cistern, made of glass and aluminum which automatically contributes to a modern look. By utilizing a similar coloured large format tile for both the wall and floor, an optical illusion of a larger space is created and the whole room becomes seamless – again, a nod to modern design trends. This is then finished by using a dark round floating finish sink, which matches the modern monolith cistern and pulls the entire bathroom together.

This powder room is exactly what it needs to be – it is functional, modern looking and a practical addition to any home. We hope to come back to this Gordon location and assist them further in changes to their beautiful home!

Cistern – Gerberit

Mirror – Clearlight Designs

Vanity – Timberlane

Mixer – Brodware

Toilet Pan – Flo

Accessories – Avenir