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How to make a Small Bathroom look Bigger

Often when we are working on Sydney bathroom renovations, we are faced with difficult challenges. Asbestos in the walls, a completely unlevel floor, difficulty in getting access to the bathroom itself – we have faced all of this before. But one of the biggest challenges in any Sydney bathroom renovation is dealing with a small bathroom space.

A small bathroom makes for a difficult time for anyone living in the space. It causes fights in the morning when you are getting ready, it makes you feel cramped and the space looks positively claustrophobic. But there are a few simple tricks to making the most of a small bathroom space, without changing walls or breaking the budget.

Use large format tiles

We spoke about how large format tiles are one of the biggest trends in interior design earlier, but not only are they bang-on fashion, but incredibly practical in a small space. A large tile means less grout lines, making the space feel open and one large piece, rather than lots of little ones crammed together. These large format tiles also create the illusion that walls and floors are all one colour, making the space look bigger and brighter and thus more spacious. For the ultimate space-creating effect, use the same large format tile on your floor and your walls to create a seamless look guaranteed to make you feel like you are in a space much larger than the measurements indicate.

What can be hidden should be hidden

We aren’t talking the old ‘out of sight, out of mind’ adage usually reserved for clutter and densely packed cupboards. No – we are referring to recessing. If you can hide your toilet cistern in your wall space, do it. If you can recess your storage into the wall or under your vanity, do it. Hide storage behind your shaving cabinet mirror doors. Keep everything off surfaces and out of sight to create clean lines and a clean look that makes your bathroom look much more spacious.

Remove the excess

In a small bathroom, sacrifices have to be made. Do you really need a bathtub and a shower? Probably not – so instead, have a huge, luxurious walk-in shower rather than trying to cram the two together in a shower-over-bath situation ortrying to squeeze both pieces into your small footprint. This allows you to have more space within the walkways and center floor space of your bathroom, giving you freedom of movement which implies lots of space.

Keep the lines clean

Now is not the time for decadent mirrors, patterned tiles, basins or basins that spill out of the vanity area. Keep all of your lines clean and it will trick your eye into thinking that there is more space around each of the elements in your bathroom. By keeping everything tight and tidy you will also make sure that you maximise every centimetre of space you have available to you in your bathroom, without any odd shapes causing obstructions.

Consider design carefully

We have saved the best for last here. The real key to making a small bathroom space work is to design it carefully. Consider your additions to the space carefully, with all the best and latest space-saving finishes, materials and furniture in mind. Consider the minimum space needed between different pieces of furniture to allow for easy movement, and how the members of your family will use the bathroom space. All of these elements will affect the layout you choose and materials you use, all of which will help make your bathroom look and feel much bigger than it is.

If you are unsure about tackling the redesign of your small bathroom alone, don’t do it! Let the team from Integriti Bathrooms guide you every step of the way and help you make the right furniture choices and create a perfect design for your space that will maximise all of it. We have great experience in designing for small bathroom spaces and would love to help you with your bathroom renovation. Get in touch with the team today and let’s help you have the bathroom of your dreams!

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