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How to Mitigate Risk when Project Managing your Bathroom Reno yourself

By Andrew Stenos and Aaron Thoo, Integriti Bathrooms

To manage your own bathroom renovation, you will need a keen eye, good attention to detail, know when to be firm, be willing to have some hard conversations if work goes wrong or over time, and be clear on what you want. There are many areas you need to pay close attention to.

To ensure your bathroom is done correctly, the entire room will need to be stripped back to bare walls. Not stripping your bathroom neatly and cleanly will result in the next trades not being able to do their work correctly. For example, if the floor is not smooth and completely pulled back, the waterproofer will not be able to do his job to the best of his ability, and there’ll be a higher chance of leaking due to holes and gaps.

Your lining needs to be flat, level and square otherwise your tiler and waterproofer will hate you! Similar to lining, you want level and square rooms, clean and consistent joints, less than 2-to-3mm lips, no sharp edges and where possible, for tile lines to match up.

At the fit off stage, does everything look good and function well with no large gaps anywhere?

The biggest mistake we see people make is underestimating the knowledge, time, planning and complexity needed to build a bathroom. For us as a bathroom company, for every single bathroom we complete, even the most basic, there is a minimum 11 specialist trades involved.

In most cases, there is little to no work you can do yourself when taking on a full bathroom reno. People’s initial budgets often get blown out and what looked like a simple reno turns into a nightmare as unexpected trades are needed, costs skyrocket and it becomes a project that continues for a long while.

There are big ticket items everyone should be aware of. All plumbing and electrical work must be done by a licensed and insured contractor. Don’t waterproof yourself; get a professional and get a warranty from them (meaning they need a licence to give you one). Always always make sure your walls are plumb, smooth, and have no bellies so it’s easy for your tiler. This will save you a bomb!

Bathrooms are all about details and every detail counts. Make sure you check every nook and cranny before paying your trades.

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