Integriti Bathrooms


Integriti Bathrooms are proud to announce that our Managing Director Andrew Stenos has been added to the team of resident experts at Reno Addict, Australia’s premier website for information on renovations and home upgrades. Owned and operated by Jen Bishop, founder of Interiors Addict, sister site Reno Addict is dedicated to sharing the best in advice and trends for homeowners, feeding into Australia’s renovation addiction.

Andrew is proud to have been invited to join such a prestigious team, sitting alongside names like Baz Dubois, Naomi Findlay and the team behind 3 Birds Renovations. Each of the Reno Addict Resident Experts are visionaries and experts in their own fields, and we are so proud to see Andrew and the team at Integriti Bathrooms recognised in this way.

At Integriti Bathrooms, we set the bar high. We aim to restore faith in builders one client at a time, while creating plenty of beautiful bathrooms in the process! Challenging the status quo in both design and construction results in striking and user friendly bathrooms for our clients, who appreciate our fresh and innovative approach to designs, bathrooms and project management.

With our experience in creating beautiful bathrooms and high impact renovations behind us, Andrew will be offering his expert advice and opinions to anyone who asks via the website, while sharing case studies and trend profiles for some of the best bathrooms created by the team at Integriti Bathrooms.

For more information on Reno Addict, please visit the website and follow Integriti Bathrooms on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ to stay up-to-date with all the best in bathroom renovations, case studies and the expert advice that Andrew will be providing via Reno Addict!