Integriti Bathrooms

Killara Downstairs

The second part in our recent work with Lynne Bradley Interiors was the downstairs bathroom at Killara in Sydney’s North. This bathroom is the absolute epitome of luxury, and that is precisely what was requested – a classic-modern guest bathroom with a bath that you can relax in with a glass of wine.

The bathroom was already quite spacious and luxe, but hadn’t been updated since the 80’s and was beginning to look a little dated. The client wanted to replace the sun shower that they had previously with a large bathtub for relaxing in and enjoying the view into the lush garden just beyond the bathroom windows.

To do this required a serious technical overhaul in the demolition of the room. Plumbing needed to be completely reconfigured to create the bathroom of our client’s dreams, which involved removing the whole 200mm thick floor slab to allow access to pipework. Not a small task, this influenced the eventual position of the floor mounted spout – as it had to be set into the concrete, the position had to be absolutely perfect before the rest of the bathroom was installed. There was no room for error.

The design of this bathroom is both a nod to the gorgeous Art-Deco period but its revival in modern times. You would never be confused in thinking that this was an original bathroom with all the modern conveniences, but it does drag your memory back to luxury bath houses with its beautifully shaped mirror, strong use of marble and stunning period-specific details like the crystal door knobs.

A strong neutral palette of blue-greys, white and pewter are used, allowing the stunning view to be the hero in the room, adding a layer of depth, colour and tropical luxury. The inset floor tiles in a small triangle pattern are a testament to our tiling team, with each piece being laid individually and requiring many man hours, but as a key element to the design, that which is necessary was done.

Luxury modern fittings, like the sleek lines of the chrome basin handles and the futuristic Methven shower head, remind you that this bathroom is modern. Not only do these elements match with the upstairs bathroom in this Killara home, creating a sense of unity and completeness to the overall design of the home; but they act as juxtaposition to the classic elements like subway tiles, marble and the art deco features, creating a balanced, classic-modern space for guests and family members alike to relax, enjoy and grow in.

Mixers – Phoenix
Showerhead – Methven
Toilet – Roca
Vanity – Cibo
Benchtop – Smartstone
Bath Spout – Burj
Bath – Roger Seller
Designer – Lynne Bradley Interiors