Integriti Bathrooms


Project Category: Premium Bathroom Renovation

Location: Springdale St, Killara NSW

Area: Upstairs Bathroom

Initial client brief: Create an open, earth-toned bathroom with a large shower, luxurious shower head and shower niche within the bathroom.

Integriti Bathrooms were invited to renovate a number of bathrooms in this amazing Springdale home, bringing new life into an old house. A young family had recently purchased the property, and wanted to upgrade the bathrooms before updating the rest of the house, focusing on practical aspects of the renovation! The old bathrooms were dated, quite cluttered and small, and the new owners wanted to open up the space and create a real sense of luxury in their home.

We began the renovation by noticing the very old, galvanized water pipes in the bathroom were almost completely corroded and blocked, which meant that all new plumbing needed to be installed in the bathroom. There was a single leaf brick wall where the shower was to be installed, but it was important to the client to create a dedicated shower niche. To achieve this, we built a completely new timber stud wall in the shower to house the niche.

We were able to maximize the footprint of the bathroom by having all the plumbing located outside the bathroom, ensuring that the most space was able to be utilized in this room. The old, dated tiles and fittings were completely replaced with seamless, modern looking alternatives, creating a beautiful light space in this bathroom. The large 300mm rain showerhead adds a touch of every day luxury, as do the super large format tiles along the walls. The shower niche is a massive 800mm x 400mm, perfect for storing shampoo bottles, soap and anything else the family needs in this shower.

This bathroom has a sense of timeless elegance, and is an incredible upgrade on the bathroom that was here before, allowing for better family living in this room, and allowing these new owners to begin a new chapter in this history of this home.

Tiles – Di Lorenzo

Mixers – Parisi

Shower head – Hansgrohe

Vanity – Turner Hastings

Basin – Duravit

Heated Towel Rail – Avenir