Integriti Bathrooms

Killara Upstairs

Integriti Bathrooms have recently completed two modern luxury bathroom renovations in conjunction with Lynne Bradley Interiors in Killara, Sydney.

We renovated the upstairs bathroom to create a modern space where the children can spend their time and that matches the modern-classic style that has been implemented in the home. While the rest of the house had been updated and upgraded, the bathrooms were left for last – which is where we come in.

Due to the home being a period home, there are often little “surprises” in the layout and foundations of homes older than 50 years. We needed to carefully shave down the floor joist timbers to ensure that there wasn’t a step up into the bathroom – a common feature in homes of this age. However with children and a more modern floor plan, this couldn’t be so, and so the floor joists were expertly adjusted to suit the updated flow of the home.

The key to success in this space was in the layout. Vanity space in this bathroom was a premium, but also of high importance to the family and a key to creating a space that the kids could function in well. A large shower and a full sized toilet were also a must in the design, which competed with the vanity for space in this awkwardly sized room. A strong layout was necessary to ensure that the bathroom had a strong function as well as a beautiful form.

The floor tiles were laid in a herringbone pattern, and in this bathroom more than most it was a difficult process. Due to the natural curved edge of these tiles, we opted not to use any tile spacers as their accuracy would be called into question with the curve. So each tile on this floor has been individually spaced by hand – a job that very few Sydney bathroom renovators would willingly take on, but something that Integriti Bathrooms were more than happy to work with to ensure a modern luxury bathroom finish.

The unusual powder blue of the vanity is combined with monochrome tones throughout the bathroom so that the cabinetry and counter top are the absolute star of this space. Black accents and the dark slate tile floor ground the space and create interest and texture in a very white space. The massive walk in shower is a complete piece of luxury with its modern finish rain head and a huge piece of splash glass. Elements like the subway tile and the horizontal-join ceiling ensure that a hint of heritage feature is included, a nod to the way the house was but with a dramatic and beautiful modern luxury upgrade.

Mixers – Phoenix
Showerhead – Methven
Toilet – Roca
Vanity – Cibo
Heated Towel Tail – Kado (via Reece Bathrooms)
Designer – Lynne Bradley Interiors