Integriti Bathrooms


Project Category: Premium Renovation
Location: Lindfield NSW
Area: Bathroom
Initial client brief: American style with a modern twist

One of our most discussed bathroom renovations is the stunning bespoke makeover we worked on in Lindfield home in 2015. It is the bathroom that was featured in the episode of ‘Dream Home Ideas’, which you can watch here, and is one of our most popular pins on Pinterest, having made it all the way around the world on different bathroom inspiration boards.

The brief for this couple was simple. Their 1950’s home was in desperate need of a refresh, the lighting in the bathroom was terrible and they were struggling to function in the space.

They wanted to go for an American style with a modern twist, create some ambient lighting into the room and use lots of timber and monochrome textures to round out the profile of the space. They had a very cool quirky and strong aesthetic in the remainder of their home, so we were sensitive to carry this through to the bathroom

When looking at the design of the bathroom, we had some restrictions. We couldn’t use our preferred in-wall cistern system, as the existing wall was single brick. This meant there was a bit of juggling with the floor plan to allow for the super luxurious tub we wanted to include and making sure that the cistern still fit with the overall modern look of the bathroom. We were able to achieve this through use of a ultra slim Geberit monolith cistern, which gives a futuristic edge to the bathroom overall.

The most impactful feature of this bathroom is the large format cement-look tile, which runs floor to ceiling, creating a textured-yet-neutral canvas for us to work from. The tile creates depth, really contributes to that modern look in the bathroom and is a nod to one of the biggest design trends in bathrooms for 2016 – creating texture.

We used matte black tapware and window fittings to again layer modern elements and textures in this bathroom, while working to a monochrome colour scheme. When these matte textures are combined with the glossy white ceramic basin, toilet and bathtub, contrast is created giving a sense of harmony in the bathroom.

Creating beautiful lighting was very important in this space, not only for the ambiance but for the practicality of living in this bathroom. Downlights provide practical lighting that illuminates, while the beautiful light features hung over the vanity create ambiance and layers of texture.

We chose an asymmetric vanity, combining both white melamine and a dark stain timber to create another modern element in the bathroom, and create a point of visual interest. This vanity is highly unusual and not for everyone, but it really works in this space to create a sense of avant-garde, stopping the monochrome look from getting bland.

Integriti Bathrooms had an amazing time designing this room, creating an incredibly modern look in a 1950s home, the juxtaposition of the old and the new. While modern bathrooms aren’t for everyone, if done right they can be warm and inviting with ambient lighting and plenty of room to move.

Geberit – Toilet

Phoenix – Tapware

Di Lorenzo Willoughby – Tiles

Bath – Kado