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Making a Statement in your Bathroom

Creating a drastic change or redesign doesn’t mean having to remove everything and to start from scratch. It’s about considering which bits and pieces you can transform to create the change you’re after. Sometimes, all you need is a single statement feature in your bathroom to completely transform its look and feel, whether it’s from traditional to modern or extravagant to minimal.

Statement features are a perfect solution to make a change in your bathroom and giving it that extra bit of personality or specific look and feel, without having to renovate the whole room from the floor up. Here are some great statement features for you to consider:


Features walls have always been trending for almost every room in the house, except the bathroom presents a great opportunity that doesn’t benefit anymore other room quite as much, which is a tiled feature wall. From its colour to its shape, tiles can make all the difference in the look and feel of your bathroom. Rather than having to tile your whole bathroom, tiles can be used to highlight a particular area including the bathtub or vanity, giving your bathroom just that much needed extra pop.

The Vanity

So much more than just a sink and a cupboard to store your toiletries, the bathroom vanity is another great opportunity to create an amazing difference in your bathroom. From unique shapes, bold colours and different materials, the vanity can become a stunning centrepiece for your bathroom. Cabins, cupboards, basins and tapware have become so diverse and versatile nowadays, making it easier to create a vanity unique to your bathroom experience.

The Mirror

There might not be a bigger statement you could make than a stunning mirror in your bathroom. From full length mirrors to double mirrors, this statement piece in your bathroom is a great way to highlight and compliment a statement vanity. Unusual shapes or elaborate frames can also add that bit of extravagance or elegance that you’re after.

The Bathtub

The bathtub can make a great impression in the bathroom, with the designs of bathtubs having become so diverse and particular, from classic claw-foots to large copper tubs. The materials and shapes available for bathtubs mean you can choose a statement piece that will stand out and also match the rest of your bathroom. The placement of your bathtub is crucial and you should also consider its surrounding details such as tiles and lighting to create the look and feel you’re looking for.

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