Integriti Bathrooms

Northbridge Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Project: Northbridge Grove Sydney Bathroom Renovation
Budget: Premium
Design Challenge: Create a modern bathroom while maintaining period features

A blend of beautiful period features and contemporary styling with all the modern conveniences is achieved in this Northbridge bathroom renovation by Integriti Bathrooms.

The clients requested that their previous bathroom, which while not original to the house was done poorly, be completely reworked. They wanted to draw attention to and highlight the original stained glass window while adding in modern conveniences and a more modern approach to bathroom design, which Integriti Bathrooms were happy to bring to this home.

The bathroom itself required a better layout, one that considered the way that people were likely to move in the space. Neutral tones were the palette of choice, bringing attention to the stained glass window being the brightest pop of red and green in the room.

The original slab that the bathroom was built ontop of needed to be removed and repaired to accommodate the new layout. By doing this, Integriti Bathrooms were able to reposition everything in the bathroom to where it would be best utilised, rather than having to work with the existing pipework locations. The added bonus is that the new slab will last for years to come without any worry for the homeowners in the future – a real concern in homes of this age.

We crafted a 3m x 3m custom made vanity for these clients, creating a huge amount of cabinet space and counter space in the mornings, perfect for a family. This also creates a more minimal looking room, with one long clean line visible in the room and no clutter being stored on the vanity, due to ample storage. Handleless, bull-nose drawer profiles also assist in ensuring that simple, clean lines are continued throughout the space uninterrupted.

A detailed wallpaper was used in the separate water closet, a call back to the original design of the home which featured a similar style wallpaper. By updating the pattern on the wallpaper to something less busy and bitsy to something with a more organic flow, we were able to change the way the room looks while keeping the same general idea for the room as requested by the client.

Sleek, modern accessories throughout the two rooms create coherency between the spaces and really modernises the whole look of the space. Both the bathroom and the water closet are now much more functional in terms of the way that a family uses the space while highlighting the best of the old bathroom, creating a fantastic blend of the old and new in these two beautiful new spaces.