Integriti Bathrooms

Redfern Bathroom Renovations

Project Category: King Bathroom Renovation
Location: Redfern NSW
Area: Bathroom
Initial client brief: Completely renovate bathroom to be a beautiful space that is enjoyable to spend time in

There is something so classic yet modern about an all white bathroom. Over on social media, we have spoken alot about how texture and pattern are great ways to make sure that an all white bathroom doesn’t feel bland, and this is in full play in this beautiful Redfern bathroom makeover.

The original bathroom that we had to work with was old and leaking due to the age of the original home, not an uncommon complaint. But the bathroom is one of those rooms in your home where you are in the space every day – and our client decided that being he was in this room every day, it may as well be a beautiful place for him to spend his time.

The access to site was incredibly tight because this bathroom is located in a unit block, which limits access for tradesmen and delivery of supplies. But it’s nothing that we can’t handle, it just requires strong organisation and project management across all aspects of the renovation. The style of the bathroom was developed based on the style of the rest of the home that had already been renovated and in line with what the owner wanted. We went with a classic, modern style and neutral colour pallet, with layers of texture and pattern. The tiles were set out to achieve a completely seamless finish from floor to wall, creating the look of one large piece of marble.

We commissioned a custom-made vanity for the space to ensure that it would fit absolutely correctly in the space we were creating and to create a stand-out unique feature in the bathroom. We then took this vanity to the next level, creating the bench top out of the same tiles used on the wall and floor to continue that seamless, luxury marble look through into the vanity. Complete with all-white fittings like the bathtub, toilet and basins, it creates a beautifully clean space, modern in its simplicity but classic in its layout and function.

This bathroom is a great example of how to create an all white bathroom that isn’t boring or lacking in personality. It is a luxurious space and reflects the importance of a room in which you will spend hours a day, every day – a space worthy of the finer details.

Di Lorenzo Willoughby – Tiles

Reece Bathrooms – Bath

Parisi – Mixers and Taps