Integriti Bathrooms

Roseville Bathroom Renovations

Project Category: King Luxury Bathroom Renovation

Location: Roseville NSW

Area: Bathroom

Initial client brief: Create a custom new bathroom that has a heritage feel to it, coordinating with the rest of the house.

A beautiful blend of old and new can be found in this amazing Roseville bathroom! A family that had recently moved into this period Roseville home approached Integriti Bathrooms. We were asked to completely renovate the bathroom, one of the more essential areas as they update the home bit by bit.

There was significant water damage on the existing floor foundation, which needed to be completely replaced.

The existing floor was replaced with Fiber Cement sheeting, an excellent material for bathroom flooring, and was completely re-waterproofed with a polyurethane membrane.

By ensuring that the foundations of the bathroom were completely sound, the client can be assured that their bathroom will stand up to years of wear and not be a liability to the house in the future.

The floor pattern is key to contributing to the overall heritage feel of the home. This pattern could be found in homes from the 1900’s, but has been upgraded for modern times by using a stone mosaic floor tile, generally more hardwearing and available in a more modern finish.

Utilising subway tiles on the wall achieves the same blend of old and new – the subway tile is a traditional pattern found in the subways of New York, constructed in the 1930’s, and is one of the more popular design elements used in modern bathrooms.

By using a dark grey paint above the tile line, you prevent the room from looking too white and sterile, while adding another colour to the overall pallet.

Using a traditional shape showerhead and piping, created in modern-feeling chrome, completes the old-meets-new look and this same approach is carried over to the vanity fittings.

By utilizing modern materials and finishes combined with strong heritage design elements, the family can be assured that the bathroom will age with the rest of the house and retain its heritage charm, while still being functional for a modern family for years to come.

Custom Vanity – Instyle Design Interiors

Bath – Kaldewei

Shower/Bath Rail Combination – Brodware

Floor tiles – Di Lorenzo Willoughby

Custom wall tiles

Vanity taps – Brodware

Toilet – Villeroy & Boch