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Bathroom layouts can be tricky. Often when working straight off a floor plan it appears that there is a lot more space than you will actually end up with, which becomes a real issue when you’re trying to see the potential in a new home you are looking to renovate or building a new home and you cant physically see the space.

Often the design of a bathroom is the biggest value that we deliver to our clients, offering them peace of mind that the space has been designed by a professional with years of experience in laying out bathrooms, no matter how big or small they might appear on the floor plan. But if you’re really keen to give DIY Bathroom Layout a go, then follow these top tips for best result:

See the potential in your existing layout

Now hold up, we aren’t suggesting that you should just work with what you have. But the harsh reality is that for many homes, moving pipework, drains and falls in your concrete slab is difficult and expensive. By changing the style of the different elements in your bathroom, you can have a dramatic effect on the overall layout. Rotate your toilet 90’ and see what a difference it makes, even though the pipework stays in the same place. Instead of a square shower go for a longer rectangular one that will completely change the look of the room, while keeping the existing fall towards the drain. These are simple changes that can really change the overall layout of the bathroom without that expensive foundation work.

Remember to include space

A standard walkway space in your home is 1200mm. The standard space requirement for a toilet is 900mm. There are plenty of key figures that will guide the layout of your bathroom, and its important to remember all of them when designing your bathroom or you will end up with your knees resting against your vanity when you’re on the loo. Not a good look for you, very uncomfortable for your guests and easy to avoid.

Think about curves

In bathrooms, the most easily forgotten aspect of choosing the right elements is that very few things in a bathroom are square. From showers to toilets and vanities there are curves that need to be accounted for when planning out the space around each element to ensure that you aren’t hopping over the toilet to get to the sink. When in doubt, allow more space.

Clever ideas

If your bathroom floor plan is short on space, do not fear. There are lots of different accessories that can be used to ensure that your bathroom space is utilised as best as it can be, like over-cistern sinks and slimline cabinets. By hiding the bathroom cistern in the wall, you save yourself a tonne of space and create a more clean-looking space, a win-win all round. Its just about knowing the ways that the space can best be maximised.

When designing a bathroom, its always best to remember the old adage, measure twice cut once. Lay out your bathroom in tape, create a scale model replica or arrange your bathroom items on the lawn if you have to to make sure you visualise the space correctly before installation. If the above has scared you a little about all the things that can go wrong in a bathroom renovation, never fear. Integriti Bathrooms have worked on hundreds of bathroom designs, from completely open plan spaces to tiny ones and know all the tricks of the trade to make sure that your bathroom layout flows and works best for how you and your family use the space. We would love to help you create your dream bathroom, so please get in touch via the website today and one of our team of bathroom designers will be in touch.

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