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Andrew recently spoke to the team at The Kitchen and Bathroom Blog about some of the hottest trends in bathroom design, and the first thing that springs to mind for a really ‘hot right now’ look is super large format tiles. Not just your now-normal 600 x 600 tiles, but more of a sheet tile – anywhere up to 1500 x 3000 – designed to give a far more seamless look to your floor or wall tiling job.

Why use large format tiles

These super large format tiles are the next level in luxury, creating a seamless look as your wall or floor is transformed into a single sheet of marble or concrete. Textures in particular really shine when done in large format, allowing for both an optical illusion as you trick the eye into thinking it is one single piece of marble across the floor; but create a stunning feature in any bathroom – imagine black marble flooring in a large format like this. Very striking.

Where to use large format tiles

Believe it or not, large format tiles are best applied to large areas in your bathroom, like walls and the floor. Shocking right? They can then be used in conjunction with a smaller format tile in areas like inside the shower to layer texture and pattern within your bathroom. A large format tile can be run across both the floor and up the walls for a seamless and cohesive look, but if you’re doing that we would recommend using something with a smaller pattern or texture, like white marble or concrete. This creates a sense of openness and luxury that will make your bathroom look bigger.

Where to buy large format tiles

We purchase most of our large format tiles from the team at Di Lorenzo Tiles as they are the absolute experts in tiles. Always on trend, their tile range is second to none and if they don’t have something very specific in stock, they know where to find it. We use their tiles for most of our projects, and you can see them to best effect in our Lindfield, Killara Upstairs, Killara Downstairs and Mosman renovations.

What can go wrong with large format tiles

Because of the size of these large format tiles, they do require an expert application. Similarly to laying a bit slab of marble on your kitchen bench, trying to lay the tile at the wrong angle or rushing through the job will result in cracks and damage – a costly mistake for homeowners. Because there are so few joins and grout lines in this style of tile, each of them needs to be absolutely perfectly spaced, which can often only be done by hand due to the size of the tile and the space allowed. Once again this requires expert level knowledge and precision which may not be found in your average bathroom renovator.

The team at Integriti Bathrooms have been working with large format tiles since their creation and our team of experts have the experience and expertise to lay these tiles perfectly and to best effect. If you are wanting to update your bathroom and be right on the edge of trend, we would love to help you make your dream bathroom a reality! Get in touch by heading through to the Contact Page on the website or by calling  1300 733 578