Integriti Bathrooms

Vaucluse Bathroom Renovations

Project Category: Premium Bathroom Renovation
Location: Vaucluse NSW
Area: Main Bathroom
Initial client brief: Create modern, minimalist bathroom with all the modern conveniences that are expected in a premium bathroom of this style.

Integriti Bathrooms were invited to make over both the main bathroom and the ensuite of this beautiful Vaucluse home. The owners really value clean lines and modern finishes, which was a theme that was carried through both the bathrooms. The home is owned by an amazing young couple, and with this being their first home they wanted to upgrade their bathrooms to something a bit more modern and suited to their taste and lifestyle.

The bathroom was being upgraded from a very generic, 90s style bathroom to something very sleek and luxurious. The unit is part of a collection of units in the Vaucluse area, which makes renovations a bit tricky, as it’s important to maintain the relationships with your new neighbours, observe noise regulations and have dealings with strata bodies. In this renovation, Integriti Bathrooms had to approach the strata to allow for the movement of drainage points in the unit, which would allow for a better design and optimization of the space within the bathroom.

Integriti Bathrooms were able to choose a great vanity, as we do for many of our clients for Timberland, and whom we have worked with on a number of different vanities. We also created a completely custom-designed shaving mirror to sit above the vanity and toilet, utilizing a long, sleek design to give the illusion of a larger space and constructed of the same materials as the vanity, to give cohesion in the room. The curves of the bath tub and the basin provide a beautiful balance to the very square shapes in the vanity and shaving cabinet, while fitting the brief of a very modern looking bathroom.

This bathroom is a very clean and modern space, with amazing functionality and is perfect for this young couple. A bathroom renovation like this is a great way to breathe new life into a unit, bringing the style of the home back on trend while still being very practical and a great use of space in this families first home.

Timberline – Vanity

Rifco – Basin

Methven – Shower Head

Astra Walker – Basin Mixer

PHoenix – Shower Shelf

Custom Shaving Cabinet – Total Kitchens